Image: Janine Sagert

Image: Janine Sagert

Many cultural shifts have occurred since I started on my inner journey and then began helping others to access their inner strength and wisdom. Millions of people around the globe are vibrantly aware that there are deeper levels of human consciousness that operate beneath the surface and shape our world; that consumerism and wars are not the way forward; that the “unity” of all things is a reality, not only a philosophical precept. It is time for that awareness to be expressed… to get off the meditation cushion, step off the yoga mat and out of secret ceremonies to apply the wisdom that has been revealed within us. If not now, when?

Image: Janine Sagert

Image: Janine Sagert

If you are ready to put your deep understanding into action and are looking for an ally, a skilled coach, to help you manifest and share your authentic self and deepest wisdom at work, with your loved ones, in your community, I want to help. I am here to use my accumulated skills… in communication, leadership, stress management, cross-cultural awareness, human psychology…to help you manifest your inner wisdom. 

Whether it be in the highest levels of business, in the inner workings of your family, the activation of your community or a global initiative, I can provide support.

Now is the time to see the sunlight dancing as one with the shadows. 

- Rumi


There are multiple ways to support you on your journey to full integration of the extraordinary with the ordinary. We will work together to customize a plan for not only what you want to do but how. All engagements are for a minimum 3 month period.

  • FIRST, we spend a full day face-to-face, exploring your background, social and cultural milieu, your projects, aims and vision.

  • THEN, together we customize a map to move you toward your hoped for outcomes… not only actions but attitude.

Some of the options we can select from to support you in your full expression:

  • Shadowing and Real Time Feedback: I accompany you to meetings, events, interactions with significant people in your life, observe you, and give coaching suggestions on how you might have been more authentic.

  • Check-in calls at regular intervals.

  • Personal 360 will provide honest feedback on how you are perceived by others.

  • On-going suggestions for ways to energize and keep your inner flame blazing.

  • Introduction of tools such as the HBDI and The Work.

  • Meditation Practices and ways to quickly re-center.
  • Communications Coaching on ways to translate your inner experience into common language. 

  • After 3 Months, we again come together and review where you started, where you are now and if you are where you want to be. Depending upon that conversation, we figure out next steps.

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Homepage + Palm Image: Gail Gibbons